Thermolec duct heater manual

Thermolec duct manual

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Two 6″ duct models: 1kw, 2kw. We have a heat pump with the electric plenum and a propane furnace. Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions for.

Incoloy elements Manual reset thermal cut-out Solid state relays Pump relay Ground lug Fuse and fuse holder Pump relay terminals (dry contacts 10A) Boiler control transformer Circuit breaker 13” Magnetic back-up contactor Fig. 1- Mechanical Installation of THERMOLEC heaters. They can be used as either a building’s primary or auxiliary heating system, and are manufactured for any size ductwork and for any voltage/phase configuration. Thermolec Modulating Electric Duct Heater. Thermolec electric duct heaters are designed for use in all forced air commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Freezing water will damage the humidifi er. The THERMO-AIR heater is designed to complement your heating system by preheating this fresh air, thus continuously providing comfortable ventilation throughout the house. fuel furnaces, which have at least one supply duct connected to the furnace and where a positive air pressure can be measured.

Duct Dimensions Inches W x H Custom Duct Heater Quote Form Standard Components Included in all heaters: Slip in Mounting, Open Coil Elements,Auto and Manual High Limit Cutouts, Magnetic Contactors, Airflow Switch, and Transformer Optional Equipment Name:. Electric Duct Heaters. Thermolec electric duct heaters are custom computer designed to the most stringent CSA standard to assure total safety. Use Screws, mastic, and/or metal tape to make the duct connections. Automatic and manual-reset high temperature cut-outs prevent overheating.

of air flowing through the heater. What is a thermolec heater? Magnetic quiet relays provide silent switching and long service life. Thermolec heaters can be equipped with a variety of control options to accommodate any control system from basic electric, electronic or pneumatic to the most sophisticated DDC control (Direct Digital Control). Important Notice to the Contractor : Once the installation is complete, please leave this manual with the customer for future reference. Page 3 Visual Inspection. Their components have been carefully selected to guarantee a product of highest quality, durability and performance. Automatic reset prevents overheating.

3) No deformation, removal or displacement of any part of the furnace is permitted. Both units come with an electronic airflow sensor and duct temperature sensor. 2) This heater must be installed downstream of the furnace safety limit control.

5Slip the heater into the duct until the hole is completely covered by fl anges around the heater. 1) Insert electric heater between the two sections of the round duct. Open coil heaters Installation Instructions Tubular element heaters Installation Instructions Thermo-Zone Installation Instructions Thermo-Air Instruction Manual Thermo-Zone Product Flyer Thermo-Air Product Flyer Application & Technical Notes Technical notes. Temperature Sensor — Controls the heater proportionally to maintain the pre-set air temperature in the duct. This precautionary step will help to keep your installation operating well. 120 volt single phase.

5 Do not install the humidifi er directly on the furnace housing. temperature and the desired duct or supply air temperature). THERMOLEC strongly recommends a periodic inspection. Electric Duct Heaters Fresh Air Heaters Plenum Heaters / Electric boilers Steam Humidifiers. The Thermo-Air defrost heater, connects to the “Fresh Air In”, noted as Duct 1 of the ®. Page 1User and Maintenance Manual for the Homeowner Installation Instructions for the Contractor ACU-STEAM™ Humidifi er by Thermolec Please read this manual carefully before beginning installation. Their applications vary from a partial or auxiliary nature to being the major or principal heat source in a building. Thermolec Electric Plenum Heaters Thermolec Electric Plenum Heaters The most reliable plenum heater available 10-year warranty on high grade nickel-chrome elements.

All FER units include a washable filter, back-draft damper, speed controllable fan and modulating electric heater. In many parts of the US, electric utilities’ offer duel fuel programs that are part of an overall strategy to control power usage and avoid peaks periods that are costly to manage and significantly strain their power grids. Magnetic back-up safety contactor.

THERMOLEC electric heaters - type FC & SC - (or tubular FT & ST). Page 24 Bloomington, MN 55425 Phone:FaxRepresenting the following quality manufacturers: Thermolec: Electric heating products including boilers, plenum heaters and duct heaters. Let our FER and NER Electric Heat Make-Up Air Models Help: Open Coil Heaters: Up to 1,000 kW Tubular, Fresh Air or Zone Style Most Commonly 6”-18” Multiple Voltages, kW Sizes & Duct Diameters Available SCR or Staged Modulation FER Mini Make-Up Air: 90-600CFM / 3-20 kW Match the air flow direction labeled on the Thermo-Air with the ® air flow direction. For example, to fit a duct with 36" x 16" outside dimensions, but with 1" of interior insulation, specify a 35" x 14" heater. Use the linked reference charts to help you chose the correct part for your Thermolec boiler or plenum heater. All Thermolec electric duct heaters are equipped with the necessary automatic reset disc cut-outs. read more. What is an electric duct heater?

Inspect the heater carefully and report any damage to the manufacturer. Thermolec&39;s constant attention to detail and quality control provide you with the most reliable plenum heater available. VAC Contactor Pump Relay. 7If the heater is heavy, use additional hangers to support the heater. · On the original call it was a bad air sensor, in the video I ohm out the new and defective sensors at 20 degrees Celsius to see the difference. thermolec duct heater manual 4) The position of the add-on heater must be as indicated on the front of the heater control box (Please see Fig. 2) Secure electric heater to the duct by using metal screws or bolts through the duct flanges.

1) Position electric heater in front of the duct flange. Disconnect all power sources before opening the control box and working within. com; Call:. 20x8 14KW THERMOLEC DUCT HEATER Specification Sheet; ACU-10 ACU-STEAM HUMIDIFIER Installation Manual.

2- Electrical Installation of THERMOLEC heaters. Lee Mill Industrial Estate, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 9LL. For more tips, blogs and tool reviews head to http. For example: in an application where the coldest design temperature is 0ºF and the desired delivery air temperature is 50ºF, the temperature rise is 50ºF.

Each unit is custom designed to meet the most stringent CSA safety requirements. In the beginning, Thermolec’s main focus was custom electric duct heaters designed for use in forced air commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Thermolec Parts & Accessories - parts for all Thermolec products. User manuals, Thermolec Boiler Operating guides and Service manuals. 1 Outdoor reset sensor Fig. Manual Reset Thermal Cut-out — Additional safety feature which prevents the frame from overheating. Thermolec In-Line Duct Heaters: Units equipped with a highly advanced electronic modulating controller and air flow sensor to minimize operating cost. , Humidifier user manuals, operating guides & specifications.

Model FC or FT (Flanged type) (Please see drawings page 4). Standard open coil element electric duct heaters are designed to work in any forced air and HVAC system. Custom Electric Duct Heaters Thermolec specializes in providing high quality equipment for the residential, commercial and industrial HVAC industry. Both are available with 6” – 12” round duct connections and up to 12 kW of electric heat in single phase power. A plenum heater is simply an electric duct heater with a built-in electronic controller used in duel fuel heating systems installed in homes.

Inspect the dampers regularly to ensure a suitable airflow. Air Flow Sensor — Modulates the heating capacity according to the quantity. 5" Modulating Electric Duct Heater w/duct T-stat. The Thermo-Air (TER) and Thermo-Zone (ZON) electric duct heaters are unique to Thermolec. Thermolec Electric Boilers & Plenum Heater Parts.

We have a Thermolec Duct Heater Model T-15U-DFC SN is 5801K37410 It is about 11 years old. Manual Reset Cut-Out. The FER from Thermolec provide make-up air in 100, 3 cfm increments with temperature rise capabilities of up to 100°F. How Are You Addressing Fresh Air?

Electric Heating and Controls Sept TEL:FAX:Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions for THERMOLEC electric heaters - type FC & SC - (or tubular FT & ST). Thermolec products are the result of several years of research and development. 5) The heater axis must be in line with the plenum axis. View & download of more than 98 Thermolec PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Are thermolec plenum heaters reliable? Summary of Contents for Thermolec Acu-Steam.

Thermolec electric boilers offer the latest technology for radiant floor, baseboard and other hydronic heating applications. Thermolec Boilers and Plenum Units Specification Sheets. These modulating boilers are designed to be quickly and thermolec duct heater manual easily installed on a wall, requiring very little space and no venting. The TER has a duct stat to control temperature in the duct. 3) If necessary, install supports to maintain the electric heater.

All QUA heaters may be installed in ducts with up to 1" of interior lining, but the heater must be selected to fit the inside duct dimensions. Open Coil Elements. Thermolec electric duct heaters are available in any size from 6” x 6” up to 144” x 96” and up to 1000 KW in one section. OPPORTUNITIES WITH THERMOLEC! 4 Do not install a humidifi er where the surrounding temperature may be 32ºF (0ºC) or colder. Use the below formula to calculate required Kw size: ∆T x CFM ÷ 3,412 (Btu per Kw) = Kw 3. 6Fasten the heater to the duct with sheet metal screws and seal openings with a suitable sealing compound.

2) Secure electric heater by using metal screws through round flanges. Equipped with the thermolec duct heater manual most advanced modulating controller and air sensor, the THERMO-AIR heater will operate with extremely low air flow (see specifications). CCO-030 manual cutout is: 22. What is a TER duct heater? Download 51 Thermolec Boiler PDF manuals.

The plenum hasn&39;t worked right since we m. Remove the shipping covers just before installation. If we don&39;t have the part you need listed, we can probably get it. thermolec duct heater manual com Summeraire: Residential and Light Commercial air-to-air heat recovery ventilators and accessories (In Stock.

Thermolec duct heater manual

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